If You Can Print It, You Can Foil It! And This Is Why You Should

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It is safe to say that print isn’t going anywhere. However, while print will not disappear in an instant, it has become clear that every market is getting more competitive. We see many mergers and acquisitions of print providers in the industry news and within networking groups. The expense of print continues to be eyeballed carefully, which is then paired with a mission to make the print offerings coming out of production stand out from competitive printers in the area. Produce something that catches the eye, creates engagement and loyalty while driving more business and reduced costs.

It is a tall order, especially for those skilled in the art of offset printing. With the continued advancement of digital print enhancements, making sure you have every advantage for your offset print offering is critical. Especially as you look for success and growth in the New Year. Offset has its natural competitive edge in range and depth of color, more affordable long runs and a more durable print finish. With the advancements in inks, many are already leveraging UV inks and advanced plate processes that reduce hazardous waste, speed up make-ready and make it possible to provide the highest quality print while offering short runs to their customers. It is all keeping offset relevant and a critical part of the print value chain.

Is it enough? From The Foil Experts perspective, you are leaving opportunity and money on the table. The advancements in offset over the years have continued to create a print market that wants what is produced by an offset press; but that is not enough. You need to stand out from the crowd and making an impact. Our Cold Foil technology at Eagle Systems will help you do just that…and we will give you the most cost-effective, easy-to-use and flexible foil and Cast & Cure process you can find on the market today.

Cold Foil is important because it makes adding foil to anything you print on your offset press obtainable. If you can print it, you can foil it! We are known in the industry for our equipment doing what we say it will, something we wrote blog on to make sure our clients and prospective clients know how important it is to us. Foil itself is important for these few reasons:

  • Foil adds a different texture and sheen to a printed product (sheets or packaging), which promotes engagement and interaction by consumers.
  • It elevates the perception of a printed piece by making it feel high-end and luxurious
  • With the addition of Cast & Cure films, you can create rich holographic details that grab attention and promote retention.
  • Mark up on a printed piece with foil to a buyer is potentially quite large especially if the offering is perceived as timely and affordable.

We have also written about the opportunities of cold foil and shared customer examples for why it creates success. Part of that magic when working with The Foil Experts are the resources available from our Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) Course to our Cold Foil Info Guide. Plus, we have significant benefits that others in the offset foil market just don’t have, including:

  • Installation in 2-3 days, running production on the 4th day!
  • Training in 2 hours
  • Extremely simple to use, fully automatic functions
  • No foil dust
  • No speed limitation
  • High productivity
  • Cost efficient, flexibility to run any combination of narrow and wide webs

We invite you to check out our interactive Cold Foil page here on The Foil Experts website. You can flip through our Cold Foil Info Guide, request samples and gain a detailed understanding about what sets our unique process apart from the rest of the offset foil methods on the market. With installations around the globe, we look forward to helping you add a little sparkle to you print. Contact us today to start your foil journey.

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