Eagle Systems ® has been Engineering, Designing and Manufacturing Hot Foil stamping modules for retrofitting die cutters for 30 years.

Todays modules are available to retrofit Autoplaten die cutting presses from Bobst in multiple sizes:

HFM-74 (740mm)
HFM-102 (1020mm)
HFM-126 (1260mm)

HFM-142 (1420mm)
HFM-162 (1620mm)

Eagle Systems ® also manufactures a complete line of ancillary equipment and accessories for Hot Foil stamping and Embossing applications.

Eagle Systems ® TMD Foil Rewinder

Fully Automatic operation, vertical or horizontal configuration

  • High speed rewinding
  • All widths of foil – including very narrow
  • Rewound foil has monetary value
  • Assists ISO14000 as rewound foil is recycled to recover the polyester layer
  • Expandable from 2 to 8 rewind shafts

Heated Honeycomb Chase

The PMC Base Honeycomb Heated Chase allows you to convert an existing die cutter without the six week downtime involved in installing heat into the head of the machine. It also gives you excellent consistency of temperature on the die face. A great solution to the in house installation of die cutters without heat in the upper head. This is useful for individuals seeking to do hot embossing and /or hot foil stamping. For quick make-readies and heat consistency of the dies throughout the chase, our heated honey comb chases substantially increase your foil stamping capabilities! The Foil Experts has developed an off-line set-up system which brings the chase and dies up to the desired stamping temperature, so make-readies are completed quickly and independently of the job currently on press.

Honeycomb Features

  • Offers precise high heat control of die temperature
  • For all Bobst die cutters, stampers, and hot embossers, as well as many more
  • Holds stamping dies into place using toggles
  • Allows user greater control of heat on the die face as well
  • Honeycomb Heated Chases for automatic platen and clam shell presses
  • Increase production speeds
  • Heat in Upper Beam 6 or 12 Zone

Hologram Stamping System

The Platinum Series Foil modules offers 3 to 12 Draw Foil Indexer w/ Hologram capability which includes

  • Device for hologram registration
  • Registration cards
  • Laser Diffuse scan Sensors and all necessary brackets

The systems can do regular foil stamp & hologram registration at the same time.

Speeds & Tolerance

  • Foil Indexing
  • Indexing to 7500 sph. with step and repeat
  • +/- .002 of an inch resolution
  • Hologram registration
  • 5500 sph with hologram step and repeat registration tolerance +/-.010 of an inch resolution recommended 3/16 or 7mm registration mark

Size Limitations

  • 1 inch or 25mm core size
  • 3 inch or 75mm core size
  • 1″ minimum width
  • Maximum per the limit of press width
  • Specifications have been tested but limitations can change from Job limitations

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