Take the Eagle Systems Challenge and Look into the Advantages of Cold Foil

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Print shops are always in need of a competitive edge; something that let’s what they provide jump out amongst other print providers. Finding that competitive edge isn’t as easy as it might seem and that thing or group of things that sets you apart might come in a variety of forms and methods. At Eagle Systems, we want to challenge you to look at cold foil. It is an addition to your offset print capabilities that will give your shop many advantages; advantages that in turn will translate into more business.

First, let’s take a step back. What is cold foil? The best way to explain comes directly from our Cold Foil Info Guide:

Lithographic cold foiling is an inline printing process performed on a sheet fed offset press that allows a metallic foil to be positioned anywhere on a printed sheet with litho precision.

To put that in more layman’s terms, cold foiling means that foil is put onto paper in almost anywhere and in almost any weight.

This brings us to the next logical question…why should you be looking at cold foil and the advantages? The simple answer is because it adds a capability many offset providers don’t have inline. For the average printer, possibly even your shop, foil is a secondary or offline process. It takes time, adds complexity and costs. In short, it might not be something you are really interested in pitching to new or current clients.

In our blog, Add Some Sparkle and Break Into a Top 25 Growth Print Market, we talk about how the addition of cold foil can help you access new markets that are positioned to grow this year and beyond. Besides the market opportunities, there are also some basic advantages that your print shop will benefit from every day. Those include:

Over Printing Allows Infinite Color Choices

Foil Both Sides of the Substrate without Leaving Impressions

Ultra-Fine Detail to 175 Line Screen

Halftone Screen

Full or Heavy Coverage without Limitations

One Color of Foil to Manage – Silver

Reduce Secondary Production Process Requirements

Deliver Orders the Same Day

As you can see, there are many advantages to adding an Eagle Systems Cold Foil solution to your sheet fed offset printing press. The above is really just the beginning of your positive journey into cold foil applications. Another proven benefit of an Eagle is the ease-of-use. We have a blog discussing the easy button nature of the cold foil system and that is a significant advantage for print shops. With and Eagle the operation is fully automatic and does not even have an operator console.

The idea behind the technology is to give print buyers access to more engaging print whether that is for commercial print, direct mail or packaging applications. The eye-catching nature of foil changes the perception of a printed piece given it a more luxurious feel and positive brand association.

You may be saying “I don’t have a foil market.” Well, you can’t sell what you don’t have, and your customers probably know you cannot supply foil so send that part of their business elsewhere. You could be losing substantial profits to another company.

You may be saying “When my customer requires foil, I provide metalized board.” First off, metalized board is not recyclable where cold foil is. Secondly, when buying metalized board, you pay for the full sheet of metalized board and if you are not utilizing the entire sheet for foil you will have to cover the unused foil with an opaque color. More cost to you. Eagle Systems Cold foil can be applied as a full sheet, half sheet, or various web sizes to meet your job requirements.

We invite you to learn more about cold foil, our Eagle Systems solutions and how you can get started by contacting us today. We stand behind our cold foil capability and the positive impact it will have on your business. Take the Eagle challenge today and find out about the various programs we created to help you get into this arena.

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