An Eagle Systems Cold Foil Will Do Everything We Say…We Guarantee It

By April 10, 2018 No Comments

If you are going to delve into a new offering in offset print, you want to be sure you can believe the vendor you select to help you on that journey. Opening doors to new print opportunities is something any printer would welcome, but on the flip-side, you want to know your investment will have a return that meets your organization’s goals. And therein lies the challenge; most vendors won’t guarantee their solution will help you achieve a specific set of goals. However, The Foil Experts aren’t most vendors.

Eagle Systems has a mission…to make our clients and their customers more money. We are serious about making sure we provide offset print embellishments that are easy to implement, quick to realize Return on Investment (ROI) and are solutions that come with additional added value. Take for example a client of ours that installed their first Eagle Systems Cold Foil System back in 2012, Marrs Printing and Packaging. It was the start of a journey that would change the way they would do business.

“We first installed an Eco-Eagle cold foil system on our Manroland 700 six-color, 40″ UV-equipped press in April 2012. The year celebrated our 40th anniversary in the printing industry and we were eager to mark the occasion by offering our customers something that no one else could. Installing our Eagle system provided the answer to those needs by delivering faster turnaround, reduced costs, and an environmentally-friendly solution,” said Scott Marrs, VP.

As you can see, an Eagle System doesn’t just provide easy-to-use inline cold foil in an offset print environment; it provides organizations the ability to do more while using less money and impacting the environment less. Moreover, Eagle offers the Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course so that we can partner with our clients and make sure they get the most out of their system…even years down the road. And Marrs is a perfect example of the type of long-term relationship we have with our clients. In 2016, the company signed up for the ECFC—some four years after the initial install of the Eagles Systems solution. The results…we think Scott says it best:

“The Eagle System has been rock solid for our production department, yet the ECFC analyzed and fine-tuned every element of the process. This one-day program promised to elevate our understanding and awareness, and it did. We now view cold foil from a whole new perspective and anticipate even greater rewards for both Marrs and our customers.”

Our focus on client success doesn’t stop at ECFC though. As we discuss in How Much R&D Is Your Offset Foil Provider Doing? The Difference is Savings! research and the resulting development is just as important by print vendors. Our founder’s belief is that investment in R&D makes sure we are creating innovations for our clients—in fact, more importantly, the right investments. It also ensures that our solutions are market ready the minute they hit the print shop floor.

That perspective leads us to the guarantee our clients have heard from Mike King. When The Foil Experts say an Eagle System will do something, it will do it. And we guarantee it. Going back to Marrs, Scott confirmed this experience in an interview with Printing Impression:

“Four years ago, Eagle President Mike King told us his machine would do everything he said it would do or our money back. That was what sealed the deal for us and he was true to his word. When Mike approached us earlier this year we were only too eager to hear about their new education program. Cold Foil has been a major success for us and this certification program promises to take our expertise and understanding to a whole new level.

We appreciate Scott’s words and would like the opportunity to show your print shop how to see similar success. Don’t let your competition get the upper hand! Let us help you open the doors to new opportunities with Cold Foil by contacting us today.