Eagle Systems ® means real tangible Value for your own benefit

  • 24 hours Online machine support capability
  • Lifetime Free software upgrades
  • In house engineering
  • In house manufacturing & assembly
  • Technical team with Real Foil expertise
  • Over 25 years International presence with over 1000+ installations

The company is owned and managed by Michael B King with over 40 years’ experience with Foil machinery and process. As chief design engineer of the company, Michael’s main function today is the technological development of their products and specifically to engineer highly productive equipment to meet the need of the printing industry and the needs of the environment. The Foil Experts has a dedicated team of design engineers using state of the art A-Synchronous 3D design systems with electronic simulation to ensure Z-D (zero defect) technology in equipment at the design stage and have a fully functioning design even before any metal is cut. We produce in-house, all of the control systems and software for both standard and bespoke machines. The fully equipped machine shop consists of all the machine tools necessary for efficient, repeatable and high-speed Z-D production.

The experience does not end with the production of the equipment as considerable expertise has been built up on the application of the equipment in the printing industry with every Eagle Systems ® module being installed on a press by the skilled engineers who built it. All commissioning and training is conducted by our own experienced staff to allow you – the customer – the production and individuality you need for your bottom line profit.