Are You Missing Out on the High Value Proposition of Cold Foil?

Let’s be honest, hot and cold foil is not something that is new to the printing world. Printers have been taking print from their offset presses and running them through offline foil processes for years. Why? To get that sparkle that sets the final printed product apart from a standard four-color print piece.

However, what has changed in the market is the competitive nature of printing with the continued rise of digital and the need for faster make ready and turnaround times. In short, print shops need to push more work through their presses and complete more jobs in a shorter period of time.

Inline cold foil brings many advantages to a print shop, which in turn gives it a high value proposition for those looking to gain a competitive and cost savings edge. According to an article in Folding Carton Industry magazine, cold foil is opening the door for printers to new markets, especially in packaging. Our very own Mike King was quoted as saying, “The packaging world is blowing wide open and we’re dedicating money and resources into educating designers and customers on how to get the benefit out of cold foil. One of the major areas is shelf presence.”

Indeed, industry veterans believe the margins are anywhere from 40-50%. The challenge with jumping into these new opportunities is really cost, experience and process. As The Foil Experts, we specialize in helping our clients realize the great market opportunities out there for the taking in cold foil. In fact, in our recent blog we talk about the “Easy Button” for Cold Foil and how you can leverage that in your print shop.

Want more details on how it works? You might want to read about our easy two-step process and how it has changed our customers’ ability to meet market demands. The high value proposition in cold foil is gaining new business. The high value proposition in an Eagle Systems Cold Foil solution is reduced make ready times, ease of operation, superior quality and less waste.

One of our Eagle Systems customers shared that prior to the Eagle Cold Foil install, the company was printing on full sheets of silver foil and covering parts of the foil with an opaque white ink. “That’s a terrible waste of board,” Scott Marrs, Vice President and General Manager of Marrs Printing & Packaging, City of Industry, California, said. “SBS is less expensive than the foil board. Plus, inline foil gives us more flexibility with graphic design. Customers can have multiple colors of foil because you colorize it on the press while you’re printing.”

Another customer, Cartamundi USA, experienced make ready times of 15-30, a significant difference prior to the install of the Eagle solution. “Setup on new jobs for cold foil was much better than I anticipated,” Bob Nickel, VP of Cartamundi USA said. “We had allotted a certain amount of time per job and we were able to turn that up because of the efficiency of the machine simplification.”

In today’s competitive market, it is hard to win without great support, superior technology and a standout final product. Eagle Systems has proven to bring these capabilities to print shops with their inline cold foil solutions with the added support of a team of experts that know the business inside and out. Plus, Eagle offers the Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course, a course aimed at optimizing the Eagle solution in your shop, as well as, enhancing the knowledge and know-how of your operators.

Don’t miss out on the high value proposition of an Eagle System Cold Foil solution. Contact us today and let our experts help you plan a path to more business, reduced costs and stand-out print products that sparkle.

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