Simply Carton Takes Off with Eagle Systems; Golden Eagle Makes Cold Foil Eco-Friendly

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NOTTINGHAM UK – May 19, 2021 – Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, today announced that Simply Carton has installed a Golden Eagle Cold Foil module on their KBA 8-color 106 press. The installation, which was completed last August in the converter’s expanded 7500 sqm facility, has enabled Simply Carton to launch EnviraMet, a new recyclable foil branded solution designed as a sustainable alternative to traditional metalized boards, as well as to revitalize their post-press capabilities.

For our clients, quality is a critical factor in the success of the project,” notes Simply Cartons’ Chief Executive Craig Mather. “For years, we were all about hot-stamping, yet we were carefully watching what Eagle was doing with Cold Foil. Now we’re realizing finer and finer detail… the Cold Foil detail that Eagle has now come to be known for. Their advancements have been impressive and very appealing to our base.

Production-wise, we’re experiencing an easy 20% reduction in turnaround time, not to mention savings in die costs and buying lead times. And, In-house production gives us complete control. In just six months, I’d estimate that at least 25% of our clients have already gravitated to applying cold foil enhancements to their projects. Accordingly, we are attracting countless new clients. One of the key influences has also been the environmental aspects of Eagle’s Cold Foil production and our own EnviraMet Product.”

Eco-Friendly Cold Foil

Simply Carton’s EnviraMet replaces plastic laminate on metalized boards with a coating so that packaging can be easily recycled in the home. Without traditional metalized materials, there is no need for white overprint, allowing for a single printing pass of multiple metallic colors, eliminating the need for offline processes. This saves time, materials, design constraints, and more importantly, the environment.

With numerous applications in mind for the cosmetics, fragrance, food and luxury drink, horticulture and health and beauty markets, EnviraMet is made possible by Eagle Systems’ advanced cold foil system tabbed “Golden Eagle”. Eagle’s latest and greatest system offers newly developed fully automatic features, as well as the “Eagle Cares” package complete with auto-doors and an on-going video feed. At the console monitor, the operator can view stop and start operation of running foil, reducing waste and spoilage. The Golden Eagle unit at Simply Cartons is also fitted with Cast and Cure, FoilSync Foilsavings and FoilCure which Eagle developed in 2018, for direct replacement for metpol and laminated boards.

Simply Carton: Converting the Complex into Success

Established in 2006, Simply Cartons has evolved into one of UK’s leading folding carton converters in less than a few decades, generating an estimated $35 million in 2020 sales. International clients include British multinational beverage alcohol company Diageo PLC, and Coty, Inc., a global beauty company and marketer of cosmetic, skin, fragrance and hair products.  Today, Simply Carton houses more than 140 staffers (from print experts to structural designers and production technicians) in three different production facilities across Europe. Working with many of the top brands in the health and beauty, confectionery, beverage, food and gifting markets across Europe and the US, the company credits their success to simply being client-centric.

Added Mather, “Simply Carton has to be ready to diversify with the client wants and needs. I used to think the company should have been called ‘Complex Cartons’ with the projects we tend to attract. So having the right tools is a must. With Eagle, it only took two conversations before we realized and appreciated the benefits of their Cold Foil system. Eagle is a true business partner.

“While we’ve been looking at Cold Foil for about 10 years, our Golden Eagle system supersedes any production or environmental concerns. In fact, we’ve added new clients JUST because of the new environmental benefits. For most of our clients, being fully recyclable is critically important, and our newfound capabilities are often a winning selling point.”

Image Caption: Eagle Systems President Mike King (L) and Simply Cartons’ Chief Executive Craig Mather finalize the installation of a Golden Eagle Cold Foil module on a KBA 8-color 106 press with a handshake.

About Eagle Systems

For more than 35 years, Eagle Systems has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of foil application and print enhancement equipment such as Hot Foil stamping, Cold Foiling and Cast and Cure. With hundreds of installations around the world, the Eagle Systems brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and state of the art innovation. Completely manufactured, assembled and tested at their plant in Ocean New Jersey, the Eco-Eagle systems are installed and in production within five days. Using advanced technology and the power of the internet, the highly automated Eco-Eagle Systems reduce foil costs, run smoothly and foil dust free without operator intervention. For more information about Eagle Systems products, go to

About Simply Cartons

Founded in 2006, Simply Cartons has quickly evolved into one of the industry’s leading folding carton converters. Employing over 140 skilled and well-trained professionals, ranging from print experts to structural designers and production technicians, the company services many of the top brands in the health and beauty, confectionery, beverage, food and gifting segments, predominately in European and US markets. Headquartered in Nottingham, England, Simply Carton also manages two other production facilities for client convenience.

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