Use Cold Foil to Capture Your Piece of Offset Print Market Volumes

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It might seem counter intuitive, but market research says that offset print will continue to grow through the year 2024. In recent research released by Smithers, they state that the analogue (offset) printing industry will grow between 2014-2024 from $664.3 billion to an estimated $682 billion. Not to shabby for an area of print that is, considered to be, under attack from the technology efforts of digital printing and in a state of decline. It isn’t that areas aren’t declining, but there are also areas of opportunity that perhaps don’t get as much billing in the limelight.

Perspectives on offset are typically driven by the markets and type of print a shop is serving. There is no doubt that we have seen a decline in newspapers and applications that have been augmented or replaced by short-run and personalized digital applications. In the Smithers research, they attribute the growth of the offset market to the continued growth of the packaging sector with a lot of the growth coming from Asia. They also acknowledge that compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for digital is strong and continues to change the printing marketplaces.

For many offset printers, the research proves their own market trends experiences where long runs on periodicals, books, brochures, catalogues and magazines are shrinking—the competition from digitally printed on demand and personalized offerings is strong. The Smithers research shows offset litho printing will drop in value by some $40 billion by 2024, which means that all offset printers are looking for ways to stay relevant and continue to keep revenue up. And this is where The Eagle Systems inline Cold Foil solution comes into play by offering another way to add value to the print being produced.

Why does offset cold foil make a difference? We write about this a lot. Most recently on our blog we talked about 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Cold Foil. In short, those three reasons are that you can add value, impact purchase decisions from consumers who interact with your print and get excellent support from Eagle Systems that includes the opportunity to train all your management, sales staff and operators to maximize your investment and success in inline offset cold foil.

Eagle Systems, the Foil Experts, is proud to offer an inline solution to adding a little spark to what would otherwise be a standard four-color process offset printing process. And printers can also take advantage of the packaging market growth by leveraging foil to set them apart there too. We have even seen our customers leverage an Eagle Systems solution to change from a commercial printer to a combined commercial printer and folding carton provider.

You can read the case study example in our blog Cold Foil Opens Doors to New Packaging Opportunities. As a preview, we discuss the experience Glenmore had after selecting and implementing a cold foil solution from Eagle Systems including business growth by adding a new market, a higher-end print offering and a competitive advantage over other printers in their area.

As the print marketplace continues to shift, trade shows change or merge and the need to stand out whether in a mass printed brochure or luxury packaged good on a store shelf, now is the time to explore the possibilities. With support from our team at Eagle Systems and our Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course, we can help you achieve a higher value for your produced print, access to new customers and markets and keep your offset printing press going for years to come.

Contact us today and see how inline, easy-to-use offset cold foil can revolutionize your printing business.

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