Turn to Cold Foil to Transform Offset Print

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As print buyers, or those who provide printed materials to the marketplace, staying current with trends and finding new ways to capture attention is a priority. In the offset world, the competition from digital makes this even more important—even with the digital print gaps that still exist in range of achievable color, quality and durability. However, you still need to break out and get noticed, especially when customers can shop a variety of printers in a variety of locations right at their fingertips.

As “The Foil Experts” we recommend you turn to cold foil to achieve a noticeably different print product and “wow” the senders and recipients. There is a compelling reason why foil embellishments on printed materials make a difference to those who receive and interact with it. For the last decade, analysts, industry experts and trade magazines have been talking about the power of sensory interaction and how it drives purchasing decisions.

Since there is more than one sense, the challenge for those providing communications through more traditional communication channels, such as print, is to engage more than one sense. Responses to research have shown that 60% of respondents made a brand their first selection when the materials they interacted with engaged four of the five senses. Sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. Incorporating four of these into print is difficult, but if you think about it, most print really only speaks to sight. What if you could add a sensory experience and create a stronger connection with the recipient?

Before we go to far with that line of thought, let us add one more thought to the sensory data considerations. There is also research out there from Royal Mail that says the physical properties of a communications piece influences the feeling a person or recipient has on the brand (or company) that is sending it. Additionally, the Journal of Vision in 2007 has linked tactile patterns and visual experiences to a higher learning performance. In the end, you have a more memorable piece and better recall of it by those who interact with it.

As providers of easy cold foil for offset printing presses, we write and talk about the benefits of adding what amounts to a foolproof and “easy-button” process of operation with huge upsides. Going back to the sensory part of our statistics with cold foil, you can add embossing in different foil patterns, colors and sheens to create an attention grabbing and tactically different printed piece. In short—you can feel the difference.

Print it on uncoated stock, something only those with an Eagle Systems Cold Foil machine excel at, and you have several noticeably different aspects of your printed communication piece separating your product from others.

The result for your print shop and your clients is a better customer experience, improved customer engagement…and brand loyalty. We want to help you get started and welcome you to get in touch with us about Eagle Systems and our capabilities with cold foil, as well as, cast and cure. Yes…we even assist with hot foil if you are in need.

Getting started is as easy as using our contact us form. You may even request a sample or just giving us a call. You can even find us on LinkedIn, including interesting posts from our founder Mike King and our head of sales and marketing, Ellen Manning. Plus, we have many blogs right here on our website discussing: The High Value of Cold Foil, How to Achieve Mailing Saving By Leveraging Cast and Cure and The Benefits of Advanced Cold Foil Training with comments directly from our clients’ own experiences.

We look forward to jump-starting your journey to transforming your offset print offering.

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