Add Some Sparkle and Break Into a Top 25 Growth Print Market

By February 7, 2018 No Comments

Being able to maintain your current business in the offset printing industry is important, especially as people continue to warn of the decline of printed media. Growing in a competitive, and sometimes uncertain, market is an even better goal; but how do you do it? To grow typically means doing something different and finding a market that is willing to embrace that differentiated product.

At Eagle Systems, we have spent years helping our clients create a competitive advantage in their offset print offerings. And we are proud to say we do so while ultimately saving them money in their printing process and allowing them to charge a premium for their unique print products. The key to the whole equation is understanding where you want to go and how you can offer something different.

Last year, we wrote about how Cold Foil Opens Doors to Packaging Opportunities. What we had to say in that blog still holds true today…giving folding carton (packaging) buyers the ability to differentiate their product with the additions of stand out foil, is something we have seen analysts say print buyers will pay a premium for—some 25-85% percent more for the enhanced print. Moreover, Printing Impressions recently published their Top 25 Hot Markets for Printing for 2018 and 2019. The number one growth area for print? Packaged Foods.

The forecast for print demand from Printing Impressions says that there will be some $18.8 billion in print market value for the packaged foods sector. While there are several areas within food packaging that will compete for print expansion, two thirds of the opportunities are in labels and packaging. With easy cold foil technology from Eagle Systems, it might be time to consider making your entry into this market with a little sparkle others can’t easily or cost effectively offer. Be sure to check out our packaging opportunity blog if this sounds like an avenue for you.

Packaging isn’t the only place where print is expanding. At number two you have Medical and Pharmaceutical. There is a lot of print opportunity here for inserts, brochures, Point-of-Sale (POS) displays and billboards. As you look at market opportunity, this market value is estimated at $16.2 billion for print alone. Then moving down the list you have opportunities for Publishing/Non News. This is where you could leverage the ability to add cold foil to uncoated stocks for high-end printed publications. Uncoated stocks are considered warm and inviting, as opposed to the more rigid and cold nature of coated and gloss stocks.

As “The Foil Experts,” Eagle Systems is proud to invest the most in Research and Development (R&D) on cold foil for uncoated substrates. In our blog, Why You Can’t Miss Out on Offset Cold Foil for Uncoated Stocks, we talk about three key areas of competitive advantage in offering foil and uncoated stocks together. Dovetail this with the top printing markets and you have an on-ramp to new opportunity, and growth.

There is actually a lot more print opportunity than you might expect in 2018. From Telecommunications to Health Providers and Real Estate. Even Travel and Hospitality—all with over $9 billion in potential for print in the United States market. As you plan your expansion, make sure you are also planning to add capabilities like inline offset printing cold foil to your tool box. And, if you are worried about being able to take full of an Eagle System Cold Foil unit, we offer an Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course. In this course, we help you align the knowledge and know-how of cold foil across your organization while dialing in the performance of the Eagle System in conjunction with your offset press. You can read more about the impact of the course in our Making the Investment in Cold Foil Education Really Pays Off article. Included in that piece is a case study from one of our clients talking about the course and the benefits to their organization.

At Eagle Systems, we are in business to help you make more money from your offset print. Contact us today to learn more about our unique and innovative system. We look forward to hearing from you!