Add an Effective Print Sales Tool to Your Offset Print Shop

Print is an ever-changing marketplace; even for those that are providing one of the longest standing offerings, offset print. Through The Foil Experts blog, we have shared ways to leverage education and our certification course to drive more efficient operations, higher profits and provide better time management among employees. We have also discussed new capabilities such as printing on uncoated stocks and the future expansion of enhanced print for offset and packaging. No matter how long print has been around, it continues to evolve.

In order to stay competitive, shops like yours have to find ways to gain an edge. And many of the topics we write about come together to create a very effective print sales tool for offset print environments. The secret ingredient is our Eagle Systems cold foil technology. It is known as being the “easy button” for cold foil application—and can be installed inline on most offset sheetfed presses. Our system also incorporates the most research and development of any cold foil solution on the market. Which gives our clients confidence; it also means that many times we are their best kept secret.

The impact for our clients is a positive change in their business. Utah Paper Box, or UPB, experienced this first hand after installing their Eagle Cold Foil System. UPB CEO Steve Keyser had this to say about their experience:

“Installed in February, we’ve quickly realized a near-immediate impact on our core business. Though we’ve been offering cold-foiled capabilities since 2015 [UPB was the first to run cold foil on a 56” press]. With Eagle now in-house, we’ve experienced unmatched quality and flexibility, and have benefitted from drastically reduced lead times.”

In 2016, UPB was looking for a that competitive edge and they found an intriguing solution in the Eagle Systems booth at PRINT UV 2016. After several conversations and demos, the UPB team was certain that Eagle would not only differentiate them from others in the offset print market, cold foil solution would also allow them to continue to deliver a superior quality product—or in their words, something better. Quality being a key tenant of the UPB brand promise since 1914.

“Cold Foil is that ‘better’ we were seeking, and Eagle Systems is that partner that companies like ours come to depend upon. Cold Foil is a disrupting technology because speed-to-market is everything. Eagle’s flexibility and quality make every project standout. Eagle Systems’ machine and process is the most cost-effective way to do cold foil. Clients noticed right away. We’ve already got many of our customers using cold foil and it’s quickly becoming a major sales tool. From a marketing vantage point, it’s visibly is working. We’re further cementing our leadership position.”

Add an effective sales tool to your selling arsenal with the help of The Foil Experts team. With an Eagle Cold Foil System you can easily add cold foil to your offset sheetfed press, even a 56” wide press like that at UPB, print on uncoated papers or add cold foil to your packaging offerings. More importantly, you can do so with the backing of a company that is equipped to provide you support through the Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course (ECFC) and market leading customer support.

Take your first step toward standing out with a little bit of sparkle today by contacting our team. We look forward to helping you drive new business and open doors to new opportunities and markets. You can also learn more by reading our other blogs on cold foil and the print industry.