Cold Foil Education and Certification Continues to Make an Impact in 2019

Over the past couple of years we have promoted education of our clients in cold foil through our Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course. We will admit, sometimes shamelessly so. It is in the pursuit to make sure we deliver on the mission of Eagle Systems—to drive more business opportunity and profit for our clients. We set the bar high and we intend to nail the jump over it.

In the past, we have shared client stories on our blog about the significant payoff they received from an Eagle Cold Foil solution; but we wondered if that still held true in 2019. In fact, the last time we shared a story was towards the end of 2017. Time for an update…

As luck would have it, we just completed taking a client through our ECFC course. It seemed like the perfect time to revisit the idea of the course being a significant driver of better technique, deeper understanding of cold foil and the facilitator of actionable ways to leverage cold foil to bring differentiated products to print customers.

For those who aren’t familiar, the ECFC is an 8-hour program that is held at a clients’ facility. We ask that it include press operators and executive management level employees in order to facilitate understanding, the ability to achieve the highest quality product and increased Return-On-Investment (ROI). It is a significant investment in time for the companies that choose to level-up their understanding of cold foil. To test our theory of it paying off like it has in previous years, we asked our most recent participant about their experience—the findings of which we also published as a press release.

We were excited to work again with JohnsByrne Company. You might remember them from our press release in April of 2018 when they installed their first Eagle Cold Foil solution. For those not familiar, JohnsByrne is a 60 years old company that provides custom packaging and print solutions catering to major brands in health & beauty, consumer products and entertainment. And we are pleased to announce they have now completed the Eagle Cold Certification (ECFC) course.

As part of working with them, we asked them about their experience and how they felt the course impacted their organization. Take a look at this excerpt of what they had to say about the experience:

“In just over a year since, the Eagle System has enabled us to systematically expand our capabilities, growing in sophistication and design skills as client demand and applications have evolved. Being a very comprehensive tool, the more your team uses it, the more it becomes an integral production component, practically selling itself. The certification program was a natural progression to ensuring we are maximizing the system’s potential to the nth degree. In the less than 90 days since we completed the program, we’ve benefited from a deeper understanding of the underlying science and have added several new high-quality capabilities to our production portfolio.”

The benefits were also top-of-mind for JohnsByrne as Corey Gustafson related to our team:

“Eagle has been so easy to work with, but that’s what we expected, based upon their industry reputation. They really go out of their way to ensure your success, both internally with your production team, and clearly with clients through evolving applications. The result has been more effective and diversified services for established clientele, and greater reach into new markets and businesses. Eagle innovation equips us to be faster to market with more impacting product, and their advanced training ensures that we’re continuously in a leadership position.”

Making sure our technology benefits our clients, drives opportunities and increases profitability is of supreme importance to our team. Cold foil can transform your offset print and give it new avenues to create impact and positive brand associations. We invite you to explore all of our blogs and then reach out to us to discover how to get started with cold foil. You won’t be sorry and that is something we have seen echoed time and time again by our customers. We look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

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