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Tech Tip #1 – Blanket Foil Build Up

By November 28, 2020 No Comments

You have been doing CF for 13 years and cleaning my blankets from foil build up went away 10 years ago. All of sudden I now have to clean my blankets every 400 sheets. My blankets are looking like embossed blankets with my job on it. A quick test will soon find the problem. Shut off all your ink and coatings and run adhesive and foil only. Do your tape test and if you have failure at all, even the slightest amount of dusting , left on the tape. Your foil and adhesive combination is not correct, most likely defective foil with bad sizing coat. If you have 100% bond, and zero dusting. Your ink tack has gone bad or not correct. Biggest problem, always end being the INK went bad.

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