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See the Eco-Eagle cold foil in action!

Eco-Eagle cold foil systems are self contained and fully automatic units that can be installed on virtually any sheetfed offset printing press, offering the inline application of foil.

1. An adhesive is applied to the substrate, in register, using one of the printing units in the press.

2. The foil is released from the carrier onto the substrate wherever the adhesive was printed.


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“Mike, can you tell me what book you guys read on customer service or did you write the book? I have never experienced a more friendly, knowledgeable and committed support staff ever in my career. Thank you for such an outstanding product and passion for excellence! You guys are just simply “Amazing.””

Ken KozolCartamundi USA, TX

“Everyone we talked to in the industry, vendors and printers alike, said that the Eagle was the most reliable and well serviced system on the market. It seemed like a no brainer. Cost wasn’t the biggest factor for us. We felt that the Eagle gave us the best chance at a high return on an investment.”

James RowleyGM Glenmore Custom Print and Packaging, BC

“I want to thank you for the prompt response your company gave us on service and support. These kinds of responses and attitudes are less and less common in these business days. Also I wanted to congratulate you for the team you have. Every single one of them with whom I have had contact were very professional and excellent people. Once again thanks. All these details confirm to us that we have made the best possible choice on cold foiling.”

Martin EspositoFarmografica, AR

“Please pass my thanks onto your guys at the shop. I have a customer on press and needed support with the eagle. Your guys diagnosed the problem, told me what to look for, and how to fix it. We were up and running in less than 15 minutes.”

Rob WattsMcLean Packaging, NJ