How Much R&D Is Your Offset Foil Provider Doing? The Difference is Savings!

By December 28, 2017 No Comments

People ask us all the time, “Why are you called ‘The Foil Experts’?” The answer…we have a secret weapon. While it would be fun to say it is sharks with laser beams on their heads, the truth is our secret weapon is someone our partners, people who buy from us that we work hand-in-hand with to make them money, talk to all the time. Our founder and the inventor of our state-of-the-art foil solutions Mike King has knowledge that truly can’t be found in a book or in a PowerPoint slide deck.

Not to date him, but since the ‘70s he has been working in the family business of offset printing and foil application. From hot foil, to inventing some of the first automatic foiling solutions, Mike has continued to try and help printers do more with foil. He saw an opportunity early in his career to bring foil to large scale offset press operations; an accomplishment that can be seen by over 400 installations of hot foil Eagle Systems into die-cutters, 50 cold foil offset press installations and more than 25 years helping print companies bring the best quality foil product to their customers.

When you are looking for a Hot or Cold Foil solution, be sure to ask the providers that call on you how much R&D they are investing into the highest quality, cost-effective and easy-to-use aspects of their foil solution. This is especially true for Cold Foil, a relatively new technology in the marketplace. Also ask them for references to all their placements—and if they have had any returns due to the solution not being able to deliver. You will also want to ask them about their ability to apply foil to uncoated stock.

If uncoated stock and foil don’t seem to go together, this is just another reason why you want to speak with The Foil Experts here at Eagle Systems. Mike and our team have spent six years researching, developing and innovating to make sure the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil System can handle uncoated stocks. Mike stands behind this industry leading innovation, as well as, teaches his partners how to leverage it to grow and make money.

You may have never heard of Eagle Systems or heard the term, The Foil Experts. A lot of times that is because our partners consider us their secret weapon. Our solutions make such an impact in the print shops we put them in, that we have even had customers ask us not to sell another machine near them. It is that strong a competitive advantage…and some printing providers best kept secret for winning new business and retaining current business.

Making money while having the most efficient process is the goal and Mike King has found the path for his partners to come out ahead without having to take the risk indexing the Cold Foil. We caution you to beware of Cold Foil indexing. When you index Cold Foil, it damages the foil and ultimately can cost you more in the production process in the long run. We invite you to contact Eagle Systems, The Foil Experts, if you are looking at ways to add Hot or Cold Foil to your production environment. Or perhaps you have tried to work with other vendors and the outcome is not what you desired. We can help!

From our blogs on different aspects of foil to the expertise that is shared in the Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course, Mike and our entire team have you covered. Be sure to check out our article discussing why The Time is Now to Leverage Foil and Training That Will Drive Your Business. It looks at the benefits of a real life user of the Eagle Systems solution and how it has changed their business for the better.

We look forward to sharing some of the knowledge of foil with you in the near future. Contact us today to make sure you are in the prime position to win business in 2018.