Easily Add Foil In-House While Matching Outsourced Quality

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The embellishment market has continued to grow in the print industry; a growing market that includes the application of foil to print and packaging materials. Here at The Foil Experts we are on a mission to show offset printers that by adding cold foil to their print, it gives them the ability to bring foil in-house as well as offering greater opportunities for new business and profit.

This mission has been punctuated lately at one of our more recent placements of an Eagle Systems Cold Foil solution. Nosco, a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., was founded in 1906 and has evolved into a premier provider of printed packaging for the healthcare industry. With six plants across the United States and nearly 700 employees, they are an operation that knows the importance of efficiency and innovation.

The Nosco story embodies the impact an Eagle Systems Cold Foil solution can have for a print provider and, in turn, the benefit to their customers. To set the stage, Nosco had been outsourcing their foiling in order to meet job requirements. They started looking for a way to reduce their lead times, keep or improve their quality and bring more control to the process by completing the foil work in-house.

Through their research, they found the Eagle Systems capabilities in cold foil. It presented Nosco the opportunity to bring foil in-house, but they had some specific requirements for quality that had to be met. Eagle Systems would have to match the quality of the outsource provider. Since the transition couldn’t be done all at once, there would be a period of time where the same print job would be printed and foiled using both the outsourced and in-house methodologies.

As The Foil Experts, our team was up for the challenge and we ensured Nosco that we could meet their requirements with the inline cold foil solution. The decision was made to move forward with Eagle Systems and the cold foil unit was installed on their Komori 8-color press back in October of 2018 in their Bridgeview production facility.

The benefits of this installation and the results were best said right from our customer, Craig Curran, President of Nosco. He said this:

“We have a long history and reputation in the healthcare industry, and we are well known for our innovation. Having the Eagle Systems Cold Foil is already helping reduce cycle times for our clients and, being able to manage the entire process internally, has been a significant benefit.”

The most important part of this real-world example for other offset printers is the possibility—no opportunity—for change. We highlight this example because it shows the capability, power and ease-of-use of the Eagle Systems solution. Moreover, the embellishment market continues to grow whether you are addressing the packaging market, offset commercial print space or direct mail and fulfillment.

And if this is your first introduction to our cold foil solution, we invite you to review some of our posted blogs. There you will find a variety of information on the doors that cold foil can open for a print shop. You will also find information on how we support our clients through our Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course and innovative R&D such as foiling on uncoated stock.

Start the journey to adding a little more sparkle to your print—and do it in-house—by contacting us today. We look forward to your company seeing the similar success as those shared from Nosco.

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