Cold Foil Will Change Your Status Quo in Offset Print

As The Foil Experts, we spend a lot of time discussing with the market, clients and their customers the value of adding cold foil to offset printing processes. It is a conversation that spans types of offset print from traditional commercial print, packaging and other specialty printing. We spend the time educating the market through our blogs, events and in-person client meetings because of the impact we have seen it make to print businesses.

Ellen Manning, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, spoke about this during a recent podcast that we have discussed on the blog recently. She is known for saying that an Eagle System doesn’t just provide opportunities, it drives profitability for printers…and it should, or the Eagle isn’t meeting its mission. It seems like a tall bar, but it is one we reinforce here at Eagle by sharing actual experiences from clients using and delivering cold foil using our technology.

In our experience, cold foil can and will change the status quo in your offset printing operation; even if you are a leader in your space. Whether you are printing flyers, brochures, luxury brand materials, packaging or other specialty products, the magic of an Eagle Systems Cold Foil solution is the ease of implementation, use and ability to open doors to new opportunities with increased margins. Early this year, we were pleased to be able to share an experience that really punctuates this idea through an installation at Rohrer’s Corporation.

As some background, Rohrer is one of the United States’ largest supplier of high-visibility retail consumer packaging. In business since 1973, they are considered a leader in their space. That said, even leaders are looking for another edge to stay ahead of the competition and bring the most impactful, relevant products to their customers.

Rohrer turned to Eagle Systems to find this edge and had this to say about how the technology fits into the history and strategy of the corporation:

“Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies has historically established Rohrer as a production leader and positioned us as a reliable and capable partner with customers,” notes Dave Burkhart, Rohrer Director of Operations in Buford. “The Eagle System furthers this strategy by delivering the best cold foil option for our customers’ projects. From the very first day of installation, we began appreciating how much faster and efficiently this facility could foil-enhance jobs.”

In that statement from Burkhart embodies everything we strive to achieve as The Foil Experts and our mission to provide a truly “game-changing” piece of technology to elevate the offerings of our print clients. Our technology is designed to interface with almost any offset press, be so simple you could teach your teenager to run it and produce the highest quality finished product possible. All at speeds you just can’t imagine—that is, until you see it.

Partnership with our clients is super important, which is one of the reasons we offer our Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course. It is also why we value being able to work with and make a positive impact to more than just the operations side of a print business. Rohrer’s marketing department shared their thoughts on the addition of the Eagle solution, which shows how cold foil can change everything from marketing and sales all the way through to production and delivery.

“Rohrer believes that true partners make the perfect package. We’re glad to have Eagle Systems working with us to help us provide better cold-foil options for our customer partners,” said Sarah Carson, Director of Marketing. “So, when we help brand managers accentuate their packaging and take awareness to a new level, it’s another promotional advantage we can use. The result is a production tool that cements client bonds by supporting both their marketing goals and bottom line projections.”

We invite you to read our press release with Rohrer Corporation and discover our other thoughts and insights via The Foil Experts blog. Then, reach out to us and take the first steps in exploring how cold foil will impact your printing business. We believe you will find a new route to more business and more profits. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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