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3 Ways to Maximize Print Offerings (and Profits) with Cold Foil

By November 7, 2016 No Comments

Cold Foil Examples

The Eco-Flow Cold Foil System is an extension that works in conjunction with most presses. In fact, the extension can be customized to just about any size press all the way up to 145” (take a peek at our installation gallery). We have been working on designing a 162” machine for Wide Format printing giving printers more options for their customers.

A question that many of our prospects and future customers ask is, how difficult is it to install the technology and how will it affect overall workflow in the print shop? After all is said and done, in what way will Eagle technology help bring in a return?

Installation and integration are simple and fast

Installation of the Eco-Flow Cold Foil System takes only 2-3 days. The system is fully automatic and easy to use. So much so that interruptions in workflow, even in the first few days after installation, is practically nonexistent. Training your operators on the system takes as little as two hours and we are available 24/7 for maintenance support.

No speed limitation

One way that the Eagle Systems technology integrates into the workflow is by keeping up with high productivity. Because there are no speed limitations, workflow, and high-speed printing remain consistent and profitable. With the technology, you are able to offer variety in the finishing stage without slowing down the process. That means faster turn-arounds and quicker payouts.

Foil remains in house

Eagle’s System helps print shops remain profitable by saving time and money from outsourcing their foil work. Printing and Cold Foil are completed in one simple pass under one roof, keeping profits in-house, reducing wear and tear on the printed pieces, and cutting out the time it takes to transfer the printed materials to another department or finishing-house. Most notable is the fact that you only need one color foil, SILVER, which you can overprint with ink to change the foil color to any color your customer wants The job remains in perfect registration and is ready to be die cut when the job is off the press. Time is money.

In today’s day and age, not having options in the finishing stage for your customers is most likely holding you back more than you realize. Packaging and direct mail pieces are all around us. Offering a cold Foil option with no added time or expensive outsourcing could make the difference to your customer. Today, people are looking to be communicated with in more meaningful ways and Cold Foil has the ability to reach out and grab the senses.

For most printers, switching from normal print to inline Cold Foiling plus print is as easy as changing a single blanket on the press. There is little if any disruption to workflow and when not foiling the entire press is usable for printing. Most have seen their ROI in under one year. Some even in one job.

What questions do you have about incorporating Eagle Systems Eco-Flow in your program? We’d love to help! Contact Us.