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The Time is Now to Leverage Foil and Training That Will Drive Your Business

The fall is always an exciting time of year; there are trade shows such as PRINT 17 that allow print providers such as ourselves to show how we can make an impact for print shops, there are market updates from analysts and, ultimately, great interactions with clients looking get the most out of the final quarter of the calendar year and plan for success in the coming year.

For Eagle Systems—or The Foil Experts as we are known—we believe that adding a little bit of sparkle to your offset print will not only change the product you can offer your customers, but it will give you an avenue to not only stay relevant, but drive growth. And part of the formula to that success for Eagle Systems clients is an easy to understand implementation of the foil station, simplified operation, flexible application of foil and superior support from our experts on our foil team.

That is a lot to take in, so let’s unpack that a little bit…

Easy Offset Cold Foil
The Eagle Systems Cold Foil units are self-contained and fully automatic. Another key  on a wide variety of sheetfed offset presses allowing customers to improve their production print workflows with inline foil capabilities. What makes the process so easy for operators and owners is that there are basically only two steps. Additionally, software makes it so you basically can’t make a mistake. And the system is designed so operators can easily switch from foil to normal printing in a continuous process that runs at speed along with your press.

Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course (ECFC)
The Eagle Cold Foil Certification course, or ECFC as we call it, is a comprehensive and hands-on eight-hour program that is conducted on-site at our user’s production facility. The course is designed to provide additional education of the cold foil process, techniques that will improve operator processes and key elements to Executives to drive higher quality and Return-On-Investment (ROI).

ECFC is designed to be two hours of classroom training and six hours of direct on-press interaction. The course offers not only education from Eagle experts, but unique test forms that are designed for failure and will be run off each applicant’s system to ensure fine-tuning and compensation for real-world factors. The benefits of certification include the removal of common process obstacles such as pin-holing and mud-cracking, superior processes for improved productivity, increased ability to promote cold foil, drive ROI and maximized performance of the Eagle Cold Foil system.

Drive Growth
In the highly competitive world of print, being able to offer something different to your customers is key in differentiating standard print from something that sparkles and catches the eye. The challenge has been being able to make embellishments cost effective, time efficient and easy to switch to and from. In fact, we heard at PRINT 17 that one of the keys to higher margins are efficient workflows—something that the easy 2-step cold foil process and inline installation of the Eagle System supports. Moreover, we have written about the high-value proposition of cold foil and its connection to opening doors in the packaging industry. Beyond being able to differentiate on a flat sheet of printed stock, adding cold foil to your printing capabilities could open the door to new revenue streams.

Don’t let an opportunity to revolutionize your offset printing operation pass you by. Contact The Foil Experts today and see first-hand how our 2-Step cold foil system will give your offset printing workflow the flexibility to easily add foil embellishment when you want and quickly move back to your standard print workflow for regular jobs. And with the ECFC you will have our team in your corner to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Contact us today and start your journey to leveraging foil ahead of your competition.

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