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The Foil Experts Shine at GRAPH EXPO 2016


Our president Michael B. King said in an interview with NPES last year: “I truly believe history repeats itself and, as we emerge from a recent bad economy, companies look for added value to differentiate themselves from the competition.” He continues: “One of the differentiators today in the print world is cold foil innovation and it’s growing rapidly,” (read more).  For over 25 years The Foil Experts have been doing just that and this year we’ll be displaying some of our amazing samples in booth 2625 at GRAPH EXPO in Orlando, Florida.

There’s a reason why we have customers with Eagle technology across the globe. It’s not just that our quality print enhancement equipment is innovative and continues to be so (although that plays a big role), it’s that we are reliable and we don’t just sell our equipment and then leave our customers out to dry. In fact, it is for this reason that we developed our Cold Foil Certification program for Eagle Systems customers. We would love to talk to you about the many benefits of Eagle technology and how it can benefit your print shop.

One of the best things about our company is our ability to continue to advance cold foil technology. When you stop by our booth, we’ll show you first-hand how we continue to make breakthroughs. You may recall some hype around drupa. After six years of research, we successfully printed cold foil on uncoated stock. Printing Impressions did a great job explaining in an article published at the beginning of the summer:

“Uncoated sheetfed cold foiling has never been done before. Due to characteristics of uncoated stocks (being porous and variables in the surface from coated stocks), previous iterations were never capable of 100% coverage. Now, with an Eagle Cold Foil system and Eagle consumables (available directly from Eagle), sheetfed cold foiling on uncoated stock will now be a reality” (read full article).

The benefit here for printers is that the process offers amazing “bling.” Even more so than coated or hot foil. It’s truly a game changer and we hope you’ll stop by our booth to see it!

Almost a decade ago, we revealed the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil and Cure systems. Today our President Michael King continues to design machines that can be customized to fit any print shop, no matter what size. One of the benefits of Eagle Systems equipment, in fact, is that it is custom ordered to fit any size press up to 145”. Most recently Michael King has been working on designing a 162” machine for Wide Format printing.

The Eagle Systems Team invites you to visit us in Booth 2625 September 25th – 28th. We are happy to provide information on inline Cold Foiling and how this process will enhance your products and services and, most notable, help set your print shop apart. We will also have posters of all our customers on display. Let the countdown begin!!

For more information about the Foil Experts at GRAPH EXPO, check out our Printerverse Alliance page here.

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