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Need an “Easy Button” for Cold Foil? It Is Simpler to Achieve Than You Think

As a print shop owner or operations manager, we don’t have to tell you the hassle adding foil can create. Traditionally, it has required highly-specialized machines that were difficult to use, hard to maintain and, in many cases, would increase your print production time. The final output however has been worth the struggles of production, especially for clients looking for that standout final piece.

Here at Eagle Systems, it has been our mission to simplify and improve the cold foil technology available to print shops. Over the last decade we have become known as “The Foil Experts”, and our technology has helped many print shops add foil to their sheet feed offset presses with what we like to call a Fool Proof Process. The “Easy Button” for Cold Foil.

How easy is it? The Eagle Systems Cold Foil units are self-contained and fully automatic. And we are proud to be able to install them on a wide variety of sheetfed offset presses allowing our customers to improve their production print workflows with inline foil capabilities. What makes the process so easy for operators and owners is that there are basically only two steps and the software makes it so you basically can’t make a mistake. Plus, the system is designed so operators can easily switch from foil to normal printing in a continuous process that runs at speed along with your press.

One of the keys to the Eagle System success is the ease of operation, something that is hard to find in the foil print industry. Specialty Packaging said to our president, “Once it’s on the machine, it’s on the machine. If you’re not using it, it’s just another unit. You power the unit off and it’s like it’s not there. It’s a very easy interface.”

The market opportunities for cold foil continue to expand for offset print shops. Part of the reason is the inherent differences between hot and cold foil technology; hot foil stamping doesn’t stand out on printed materials as readily as cold foil and it can’t easily be incorporated into the design of a printed piece. Cold foil also has margins for print shops that can be 40-50%. That is the reason Eagle Systems put a focus on solution for offset printers that can easily and cost-effectively put cold foil inline into your printing facility is a win-win. Not only will you be able to extend the offerings of your offset printing, the Eagle system will reduce downtime, cost and production times.

Cartimundi USA told Eagle Systems, “Setup on new jobs for cold foil was much better than I anticipated,” Nickel says. “We had allotted a certain amount of time per job and we were able to turn that up because of the efficiency of the machine simplification.”

Making sure our customers can get up to speed quickly and get the most out of their cold foil solution is key. As part of making cold foil easy, we have an Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) Course that prepares our clients to optimize their Eagle System for the highest quality and speed of output. Our customers have seen impressive improvements in their workflow efficiency. It is just another way we partner with them to deliver meaningful results to their business.

Ready to hit your “Easy Button”? Get in touch with us today and find out how The Foil Experts can transform your print offerings.

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