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Increase Profits in 2018 with the Easy Addition of Inline Offset Cold Foil

With a New Year comes new aspirations for your printing business. You may be looking to expand into new areas like packaging (carton converting) or add an effect to your current offset printing offering; a little bit of sparkle like foil. The challenge for many printers that we talk to is the complexity and cost; as well as, understanding the difference between hot foil and cold foil. There is also some fuzziness around the upside to the business to adding a print enhancement like foil.

Eagle Systems and our founder Mike King has spent his life in the printing industry and is a great resource for our Eagle clients. In our recent blog about the Eagle R&D efforts, we talk about his history and vision for an “easy button” for offset, inline cold foil. With machines installed worldwide, Eagle Systems has pioneered cold foil that can be added easily to print jobs to embellish and enhance. Enhancements that print surveys show will increase the price a print buyer will pay for the final product by 25-90%. Numbers that translate to the print shops bottom line.

Add to that leading R&D Eagle Systems continues to do on the future of cold foil applications like uncoated stock and other substrates used in packaging and the doors open wide to growth opportunities. And to make sure you have the tools you need, our team of experts has developed the Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course (ECFC). In fact, signing up for the ECFC course was our 2017 must do resolution!

With “The Foil Experts” support, your business can not only create a competitive and differentiated advantage over your competition, our clients can show you how your business can define a new path of expansion. Last year, we shared through our blogs how the significant need for differentiated packaging is creating opportunity for print shops. In Cold Foil Opens New Opportunities, we talk about how adding cold foil to a variety of flexible packaging can change the first impression of a product in the hands of a consumer.

Also included in that article is a case study from one of our Eagle System’s cold foil user. Sometimes understanding how a business has used a tool to be successful triggers areas you could employ similar strategies in your own print environment. Choosing to work with “The Foil Experts” means you will have a solution that is field tested and client proven. Many of our customers refuse to go public with their use of Eagle Systems because it is seen as such an advantage over their competition. Even with that competitive nature of our systems, you can read about how our ECFC course has impacted our clients’ businesses by checking out our ECFC blog.

Don’t struggle to meet the goals you are setting for your print business in 2018. Get in contact with us at Eagles Systems and learn how cold foil changes the print offerings you are able to present to you current and future customers. Not to mention how it could affect the markets you choose to expand into. With Cold Foil from Eagle Systems, you will be surprised at the efficiency, cost savings and support you receive. And if another company says they can compete, ask them for references that you can speak with and their range of substrates, both coated and uncoated.

At Eagle Systems, we are in business to make you as a printer more profit while you improve the customer experience with a little bit of sparkle. Contact us today and let us learn about your print environment and how we can help you in 2018.

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