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Cold Foil Offers a Multi-Sensory Experience in Packaging


The packaging market is growing by the minute and it’s not slowing down. You may have heard talk following drupa this past May and more recently GRAPH EXPO about the so-called “packaging revolution” and how it is opening the door to new revenue streams for printers.


According to a recent article published in Strategies, “the first point of contact with any product is almost always the packaging” (read more). In the digital age, packaging has entered a new set of demands. Consumers crave a personal experience. Packaging must extend beyond the physical realm of brand representation and make a mark on the psyche of the consumer. The result moves beyond shelf appeal and enters into the arena of brand loyalty and sales as a result of the consumers’ feelings of valued experience.


In order to stand out and achieve these results, printers must move beyond their average print offerings and offer unique print finishing. Effects, such as Cold Foil on packaging, gives products an appearance of being premium, high-end, and luxurious. More, it possesses the ability to provoke emotions in the buyer where regular packaging could not. Here are just a few ways that Cold Foil enhances packaging


  • Cold Foil creates a multi-sensory experience for the buyer
  • Cold Foil attracts and holds buyers attention for longer
  • Cold Foil Creates an impression of luxury in the buyer’s mind

Advancements in Cold Foil technology has made the Cold Foil markets more attainable to print shops of all sizes, not just increasing their offerings in the packaging space, but in all their print offerings as well. Cold Foil can now be harnessed at high speeds on any size press. Even the most intricate details on a printed piece can be foiled with this technology. The setup is fast, cost efficient, and jobs can be produced in-line and on demand.


Today, brand owners are looking for new ways to add value to their products and packaging. There is no argument that Cold Foil technology is a cost effective, visually stunning, solution to meeting their needs using standard methods of printing.  Competition in the print industry is fierce and in order to stay on top and even thrive during economic hardships and recessions, printers must increase their offerings. The technology has come a long way, perhaps it’s time for you to enhance your print offerings and venture out into the ever expanding packaging markets.


For more information about how Eagle technology can transform your print shop, check out this incredible case study from Glenmore Printing.

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