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A Mission to Bring Easily Implemented Sparkle to Print Around the Globe

At Eagle Systems, we are on a mission to add sparkle to offset print all across the world. We believe that all print shops should have the opportunity to add cold foil in an easy-to-use and integrated process with their offset printing presses to make their customers’ print projects standout from the competition. How do we do it? Print that sparkles and shimmers with the embellishment of cold foil. When people are drawn to interacting with the printed material, it creates a lasting impression. In fact, there is research that shows it has a lasting effect, something you can read more about in our sensory blog.

On our mission to bring The Foil Experts revolution of print to the world, we attended a few trade shows—one of the most interactive and social ways to really show the impact of our foolproof Eagle Systems. Most recently, we were in Indonesia at the PrintPack Outlook Conference 2017. One of our first experiences in Indonesia, our Vice President of Marketing, Ellen Manning gave us a glimpse of why this event was important for the Indonesian market and all Eagle Systems customers.

Q. What was the Printpack Outlook Conference?
A. This was a conference sponsored by NPES to provide vendors from various countries the ability to see the Indonesia market, as well as offer solutions and training to the printers who attended. This was a way to introduce new products as well.

Q. Why did Eagle participate?
A. We wanted to broaden our market and introduce cold foil to a market not familiar with this technology. NPES was looking to introduce American products to Indonesia and open trade – import and export.

Q. What did you learn about the global print market?
A. Indonesia is a 30-billion-dollar packaging marketplace with one of the world’s largest populations.

Q. What takeaways will benefit your customers?
A. Being a member of NPES has enabled me learn about other markets through their education programs, conferences in other countries, trade programs as well as meeting with industry people from around the world and teaching us about their cultures. They have personally set up tours with printing houses in other countries to help us introduce our products. NPES also has members in other countries who look for partners to help promote business.


As you can see, Eagle Systems is committed to changing the way print shops experience adding cold foil to their production environment. In fact, we recently wrote about the 2-Step Foolproof Process and how to find your “Easy Button” for inline offset cold foil. One of the most important things to our experts here at Eagle Systems is for customers to see how cold foil can open doors to new niche markets.

Don’t just take our word for it, read up on some of our customer success stories in the news section of our website. With the introduction of our one-of-a-kind Eagle Systems Cold Foil Certification Course, we have taken our leading advantage of being easy-to-use and matched it with our industry experience to provide an onsite curriculum that optimizes the use of your Eagle Systems solution while driving new business. As an example, one of our customers said this about the new certification course:

Our people are now as dialed in as our system is. We are reaping the rewards every single shift with faster make-readies and noticeable quality jumps. The class, as promised by Mike, was well worth the investment in time and resources.

We invite you to explore adding some sparkle to your print and see the difference it will make in you print shop. Contact us today and start your journey towards a foolproof, easy and standout way to embellish your print, packaging and more.

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