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What is Cold Foil?Installation Guide


Cold Foil

The Eagle Systems® Eco-Flow brand is the most cost effective and automatic system available from any manufacturer.

Hot Foil

Eagle Systems® has been Engineering, Designing and Manufacturing Hot Foil stamping modules for retrofitting die cutters for 30 years.

Cast & Cure

A cost effective, inline process that produces high-gloss, holographic effects through the use of UV coatings and specialty film.

Raising the bar

in Cold Foil


Eco-Eagle cold foil systems are self contained and fully automatic units that can be installed on virtually any sheetfed offset printing press, offering the inline application of foil.

A Foolproof Process

1.  An adhesive is applied to the substrate, in register, using one of the printing units in the press.

2.  The foil is released from the carrier onto the substrate wherever the adhesive was printed.

Is Our Press Compatible?

Cold Foil Examples

Cold Foil with overprint
The front panel only uses Cold Foil with overprint, replacing expensive FoilBoard previously used.
Notice the small letters in negative print.