Cast & Cure

This process is done using the Eagle Systems machine mounted on the last tower of the press. When not using, the film stays in the Eagle and the tower can be used for regular printing. The tower before the Cast and Cure machine is used to apply varnish.
Wet UV coating
Casting film
UV curing lamps
Impression cylinder
Cured holographic image

The Process:

This is done by laminating the Casting Film to a wet UV coating or varnish. The film has an embossed design and when it comes in contact with the varnish, the varnish fills in the embossed areas. A UV light is passed through the film to cure the varnish leaving the pattern on the substrate. The film then separates from the varnish rolling back up allowing it to be reused again and again showing a true cost savings. This Film is available in a variety of patterns including High Gloss, Matte and Holographic images creating a striking package enhancement enabling Brands to differentiate their products from others in the marketplace.