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Why You Can’t Miss Out on Offset Cold Foil for Uncoated Stock

There is a trend with print designers and operations managers to look at uncoated stock; and it is a trend that can throw a monkey wrench into your print shops production if you aren’t prepared to take on the request. Before you decide on moving ahead with making it possible to handle uncoated stocks or add enhancements, for the little bit of sparkle, you probably would like to know why you shouldn’t miss out on this design and print trend. Here are a few reasons uncoated paper is making an impact in the print design and output landscape—and effecting embellishments like Cold Foil: Perceiving is Believing As luck would have it, there are articles in print media that give attention to the subject of the perception of paper and the … <<more>>

Making the Investment in Cold Foil Education Really Pays Off

Have you ever gotten trapped by the whirlwind of your day-to-day job? It happens to all of us, especially in a fast-paced and competitive marketplace like printing. But what is the opportunity cost? It might surprise you how much it is affecting your print production. At Eagle Systems, we strive to help clients implement and optimize the use of cold foil to differentiate their offset printing offering to their customers. We find that even after we sell a customer an easy-to-use Eagle System, that there are still improvements and education that can really pay off. In fact, we started the year off with a blog challenging all of our customers to take the Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course. The reason? We still believe what we wrote then: “It is … <<more>>

The Time is Now to Leverage Foil and Training That Will Drive Your Business

The fall is always an exciting time of year; there are trade shows such as PRINT 17 that allow print providers such as ourselves to show how we can make an impact for print shops, there are market updates from analysts and, ultimately, great interactions with clients looking get the most out of the final quarter of the calendar year and plan for success in the coming year. For Eagle Systems—or The Foil Experts as we are known—we believe that adding a little bit of sparkle to your offset print will not only change the product you can offer your customers, but it will give you an avenue to not only stay relevant, but drive growth. And part of the formula to that success for Eagle Systems clients is an … <<more>>

PRINT 17 is right around the Corner! Tips for Visiting the Show, The Foil Experts & Chicago

PRINT 17 is one of the largest printing trade shows in North America. It has everything from digital print, software and mailing solutions to offset and offset print enhancements. And if you are a printer coming to the show to look for the next printing solution, we have some tips from our V.P. of Marketing, Ellen Manning, on how to be successful at the show and why Eagle Systems, The Foil Experts, should be on your list of booths to visit. We sat down with Ellen recently and asked her a few questions about PRINT 17, Eagle Systems and Chicago. Be sure to read her tips and insights in the questions and answers below. Q: What is the best advice you can give to prepare for PRINT 17? A: It … <<more>>

An Experts Guide to Cold Foil Success

By Mike King, President & CEO of Eagle Systems, Inc One of the things that really keeps me up at night is the amount of incorrect information in our industry concerning foiling applications and the foiling process. Too often, especially when it comes to Cold Foil applications, people just aren’t doing their homework and due diligence, so they aren’t getting the full picture. It is time to change that. Before you invest in a single machine or process, before you commit to a vendor, you need to make sure you know exactly what you are getting in to. You needs to understand the applications that will become available to you. And you need appreciate how critically important your vendor of choice will be to your success. It will be your … <<more>>

3 Can’t Miss Reasons Why You Have to Come See “The Foil Experts” at PRINT 17

September is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing a year after Drupa 2016…PRINT 17 at McCormick Place. And we here at Eagle Systems, known to many in the offset print industry as “The Foil Experts”, will be exhibiting in booth number #3002. Why should you plan to attend PRINT 17 and come by and pay us a visit? Here are three reasons you can’t miss this show and must come see how we can change the game for your offset print offering. 1.  Add a Touch of Sparkle—Easily Cold foil is not revolutionary to the printing world. Printers have been taking print from their offset presses and running them through offline foil processes for years. The Goal? To add that eye-catching element that sets the … <<more>>

Are You Missing Out on the High Value Proposition of Cold Foil?

Let’s be honest, hot and cold foil is not something that is new to the printing world. Printers have been taking print from their offset presses and running them through offline foil processes for years. Why? To get that sparkle that sets the final printed product apart from a standard four-color print piece. However, what has changed in the market is the competitive nature of printing with the continued rise of digital and the need for faster make ready and turnaround times. In short, print shops need to push more work through their presses and complete more jobs in a shorter period of time. Inline cold foil brings many advantages to a print shop, which in turn gives it a high value proposition for those looking to gain a competitive … <<more>>

Cold Foil Opens Doors to New Packaging Opportunities

Printers in today’s marketplace have to continually look for a competitive edge. Cost savings can only take a print shop so far, but a new market can create growth with lasting benefits. The challenge does come back to cost—how do you cost effectively break into a new market? At Eagle Systems, we help our clients break down the barriers to new markets, especially in the packaging or carton converting market space. We do this by providing a superior solution to traditional cold foil production, thereby giving our clients access to future growth. It is natural to be curious as to how we help clients access new markets and achieve success. With Eagle Systems, The Foil Experts, we provide what we like to call a “fool proof” process for adding inline … <<more>>

A Mission to Bring Easily Implemented Sparkle to Print Around the Globe

At Eagle Systems, we are on a mission to add sparkle to offset print all across the world. We believe that all print shops should have the opportunity to add cold foil in an easy-to-use and integrated process with their offset printing presses to make their customers’ print projects standout from the competition. How do we do it? Print that sparkles and shimmers with the embellishment of cold foil. When people are drawn to interacting with the printed material, it creates a lasting impression. In fact, there is research that shows it has a lasting effect, something you can read more about in our sensory blog. On our mission to bring The Foil Experts revolution of print to the world, we attended a few trade shows—one of the most interactive … <<more>>

2-Step Foolproof Print Process for Inline Cold Foil

You’re a print shop and you are looking for that edge. Not just an edge in the type of print finishes you can apply to your high-end offset printing, but the complete package. You are searching for the right fit for your print shop so that you can see efficiencies in operations, less waste in your materials, higher throughput with your workflow and satisfied customers with the final print product. A wow with significant business impact. Foil embellishment to print is a good way to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. It is a capability print buyers and designers are looking for in a print shop. The challenge as a print shop is finding a solution that allows for the most efficient, high-quality and easy process of applying the … <<more>>

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