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Why You Can’t Miss Out on Offset Cold Foil for Uncoated Stock

There is a trend with print designers and operations managers to look at uncoated stock; and it is a trend that can throw a monkey wrench into your print shops production if you aren’t prepared to take on the request. Before you decide on moving ahead with making it possible to handle uncoated stocks or add enhancements, for the little bit of sparkle, you probably would like to know why you shouldn’t miss out on this design and print trend.

Here are a few reasons uncoated paper is making an impact in the print design and output landscape—and effecting embellishments like Cold Foil:

Perceiving is Believing
As luck would have it, there are articles in print media that give attention to the subject of the perception of paper and the difference between coated and uncoated paper stocks. In-Plant Graphics gave some thoughts on this including this excerpt:

“Recently, at the request of a designer, he switched the annual report—traditionally printed on coated paper—to uncoated paper. The results were pleasing. In fact, by printing on uncoated stock, the in-plant met the PCOM marketing department’s goal of softening up the annual report’s previously stiff and formal look. ‘It gives an air of less formality and stiffness,’ Gray notes.”

How we feel when we receive printed material is important. It sets the tone for what comes next—the absorbing of information. Like tone of voice, the feel and experience of the print can change the reaction to the information presented. Give your print that soft feel, with a little sparkle, by using uncoated paper with foil embellishments.

More Paper for Your Buck
When you can print on uncoated stock, there is another benefit besides the difference in perception. There is also a difference in the cost of the uncoated stock as compared to a coated. There are also more choices in terms of color, paper grain and sizes. This is another reason being in a position to not only print on uncoated, but then also embellish with an enhancement like Cold Foil is key to setting your print shop apart from other printers competing for the same business. A lower cost in the materials means you have more flexibility in bidding for jobs or widening your margin.

Doing What Others Can’t
As The Foil Experts, we believe this is the real key…everyone wants what they can’t have. Be the printer that can make their print visions come to life. After spending six years in Research and Development (R&D), Mike King and the team at Eagle Systems have successfully created an innovative process that allows for Cold Foil to be applied to uncoated stock in a large scale offset printing environment. Moreover, as we wrote recently, we are the only company in the foil market that has the in-depth R&D and expertise on staff to make sure your print company is successful, saving money and winning more print work. Ask us for references or case studies, we can’t wait to help you do what others cannot.

Setting yourself apart in a competitive market is important, but we feel you should also be able to do that in a cost-effective, high-quality and repeatable way. From our one-of-a-kind narrow web cold foil solutions to our tried and true hot foil offerings, our Eagle Cold Foil Certification (ECFC) course and the vast amount of knowledge we have on staff, we don’t have customers for foil—we have partners. We partner with you for the long haul to make you more successful. Something we are proud to have been doing for over 25 years.

Contact us today to learn more about the Eagle Systems solutions and how you can jump on an opportunity to beat the competition.

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